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Policy Highlights

    MLM Defense Program

    Professional Liability Insurance Specifically Designed and Rated for Defense Attorneys
    Enhanced Coverage for Qualifying Firms
    • Additional Claim Expense -- Benefit equal to one half of the policy single limit, up to a maximum of $250,000 per policy period
    • Increased Supplementary Payments Limit -- From $10,000 to $25,000 - this includes loss of earnings if you attend a trial at our request and coverage for costs and fees incurred defending disciplinary claims
    • Aggregate Deductible -- Caps the total amount that the insured will have to pay in total deductible regardless of the number of claims in a single policy period
    Enhanced Coverage Qualification
    Firms qualify for enhanced coverage based on their attorneys' active membership in the indicated Defense Associations
    Firm Size
    1-4 attorneys
    5-10 attorneys
    11-20 attorneys
    20+ attorneys
    66% membership
    50% membership
    33% membership
    25% membership
    *Subject to underwriting discretion
    Premium Savings
    • Preferred Pricing -- For firms with a substantial defense practice
    • 5% Membership Credit -- Applied to premium on a per attorney basis
    Defense Associations

    New Lawyers Program


    MLM offers a 5% credit for attorneys certified through the MSBA Certified Specialist Programs, as well as several other certifications offered by national certifying agencies.

    It is MLM's belief that an attorney who has attained board certification is less likely to be the subject of a malpractice claim because that attorney has demonstrated a commitment to the high standards of quality and professionalism required to attain board certification.

    We understand that you don't do business with a company, you do business with people. Our people make it easy for lawyers to get the right malpractice coverage for their firm.
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