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 Reporting a Claim

To report a claim, please call or write our claim department at:
Minnesota Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company
Attn: Claims Dept.
333 South Seventh Street, Suite 2200
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Phone: 800.422.1370

 Claims Handling

In today's changing legal marketplace, MLM remains committed to providing stable professional liability insurance to our clients.  MLM's claim attorneys handle claims with the highest level of in‚Äčtegrity. We have an experienced and effective claim team who work to quickly and efficiently resolve claims, and engage talented outside defense counsel when necessary to represent your interests. We make every effort to provide a vigorous defense against meritless claims, and offer prompt and appropriate settlements when warranted.

 Importance of Early Reporting

Your Minnesota Lawyers Mutual professional liability policy is a Claims Made and Reported policy. It requires that you notify MLM immediately if an incident occurs that may lead to a claim or if a claim has been made against you. In order to not jeopardize coverage, we encourage all our insureds to report as early as possible.  

Early claim reporting also offers MLM the opportunity to engage 'claim repair' counsel when appropriate. Often times, claim repair counsel are able to eliminate or mitigate the damages stemming from legal malpractice claims. With significant resources and experience, options previously not considered may offer relief.   

Our claim attorneys are also well-versed in the ethical rules governing all fifteen of our jurisdictions. Frequently, by relying on the ethical rules and local guidance, the attorneys are able to steer efforts back onto an appropriate course.