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Letters and the Law
Effective Client Screening and New Matter Intake
I Made a Mistake. Now What Do I Do?
Practical Tips and Ethical Traps for Attorneys Using Social Media
Some Things to Consider When Planning Estates
Negligent Attorney Referrals - Finding Trouble in the Mistakes of Others
Ethical Applications of New Legal Technology - Conflict Checking, Cloud Computing, Electronic Use and Social Media - ABA Model Rules 2015
Here is What Your Disaster Recovery Kit Should Look Like
Who has the most malpractice? Hint - It's not the new lawyers.
Understanding Malpractice Insurance for New Attorneys - and Everyone Else
Liability of Partners and Supervising Attorneys
What to Include in a Firm's Electronic Use Policy
Get Off My Cloud - Cloud Computing Safely for Lawyers
I Wish I'd Never Taken This Client! How to build your practice with the right kind of client
Litigation Errors That Can (and Do!) Lead to Malpractice Claims
Lawyers as Business Associates Under HIPAA - Are You Ready?
What Could Go Wrong in a Bankruptcy?
Dual Hats - Lawyer and Businessperson
Five Tips for Dealing with Difficult Opposing Counsel
Malpractice Pitfalls for New Lawyers and How to Avoid Them
Malpractice Concerns in Business Law
Malpractice Concerns in Debt Collection
Malpractice Concerns in Family Law
Malpractice Concerns in Real Estate
Special Focus - Understanding Specialty Area Malpractice Risk
The Dangers of Dabbling
Procrastination - Typical Causes and What to Do
Recent ABA Study Suggests Emerging New Trends in Legal Malpractice
Failure to Know the Law
The ABA Addresses Technology, Outsourcing and Lawyer Mobility in Recent Amendments
There is a Conflict...Now what?
How to Protect Your Practice from Crazy Clients
Recognizing Conflicts with Current Clients
7 Simple Rules for Managing Paper Files and Digital Information
Growing Ranks of Solo Practitioners Underscore the Need for Resources
Which Time, Billing and Accounting Software Is Best For My Firm?
E-Mail Communication - How can I avoid living a horror story?
Lawyers Use iPad for Ultra-Portable Productivity Tools
Private Enough? Priviledged Enough? The Perils of E-Mail Communications
File Retention - Who owns a client's file and how long should client files be kept?
Nine Rules for Billing Ethically and Getting Paid On Time
Fee Disputes
"The First Thing We Do..." Identifying Violent Clients and Defusing Dangerous Situations
Avoiding Risks and Liability Related to Internet Marketing
New ABA Ethics Opinion Helps Lawyers Understand Pitfalls of Attorney Websites
Social Networking Online... What is it?
Early Reporting - Compelling Evidence That It Can Make a Difference
Foul Shot - Malpractice Claim Involving NBA Great Has Lawyers Asking, "What's Good Client Communication?"
Litigators Beware - More Duties in Store for Attorneys Representing Medicare Beneficiaries
SCAMMED - Sophisticated Check Fraud Schemes Target Lawyers
Officer and Directorships and Equity Arrangements
Malpractice Concerns in Personal Injury
Focusing on Client Service
Dirty Tricks - Understanding Spying, Hacking and Stealing Client Data in Legal Matters - ABA Model Rules
Tough Clients, Tough Issues
Ethical Considerations When Planning for Law Firm Disasters
Handling Money - Yours and Your Clients: Bank Accounts
Family Law Malpractice Hazards and Ethics Traps
Reported Errors Remain High for Litigators - ABA Model Rules
Technology Roundtable 2016: Cloud Computing and Electronic Use Policies
Malpractice Concerns and Ethics Complaints in Criminal Practice
Ethical Considerations and the Chemically Addicted Lawyer
Lawyer Seeks Treatment. Boss Seeks Assurance.
Hazards of Attorney Debt Collection
You Might Be A Debt Collector And Not Even Know It
Attorney Malpractice Insurance - Who's Got Your Back?
7 Ethics Concerns for New Lawyers and Meeting New Clients
The Medicare Secondary Payer Act: Ethics Considerations in Settling Cases
Networking Effectively and Ethically
Is There a Future for Solos and Small Firms?
Disaster Advice from an Insurer - The Art of Bringing Lawyers and Insurers Together
Avoiding Conflicts in the Tripartite Relationship
Managing Client Files - Ethical Guidelines and Practical Tips
Note to Staff - “That Computer Is Ours” - Implementing an Electronic Use Policy
Women’s Rights in Islam Regarding Marriage and Divorce
Four Top Ethics Complaints Against Lawyers and Simple, Effective Ways to Prevent Them
The Hourly Rate Is Dead - Long Live the Hourly Rate
Law Firm Facebook Pages Are Lame
Paralegals: One Giant Leap for Improving Client Satisfaction
Written Engagement Agreements: Tools for Defining the Client Relationship
Attorney Fred Friedman Shares Litigation Landmines with Webcast Viewers
Succession Planning: The Buddy System
Succession Planning: A Practice Must
Successful Management of Fees (Part 1): Screening Clients
Successful Management of Fees (Part 2): Communication
Successful Management of Fees (Part 3): Billing Practices
A Primer on Claims - Made Insurance Policies
Keys to Avoiding Malpractice and Ethics Claims: Talking and Doing
Mediator Liability Risk Grows as More Lawyers Become Neutrals
The Emotional Aspects of Dispute Resolution
Engagement Letters: A Lawyer's Best Friend
Enough is Enough: The Ethics of Closing a File
ABA, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Study Spotlights Attorney Substance Use, Mental Health Concerns
Addressing Attorney Substance Concerns in Your Firm
Stress! Addiction! Personal Trauma! What Your Law Firm Can and Should Do About It
Boards and Business: Be Careful
You've Been Served: An attorney's ethical obligations in responding to a subpoena
Implications of Criminal Violations and Other Advice for Foreign Visitors
Fortress or Foyer: How safe should our law practice be?
TRIBE'S TRUMP TWEET: A Discussion of the Distinction Between Attorney-Client Privilege and Confidentiality
Work Hard, Play Hard: Understanding the Importance of Work-Life Balance in Today’s Legal Environment
Victory is Mine? The Costs of Winning a Professional Liability Claim
New ABA Malpractice Study Shows Growth in Estate Trust & Probate Claims, Cost of Settlement